IndiansInChina Introduction

A complete informative package for Students, Entrepreneurs, Travelers, Businessmen who are trying to start their career or business. “”  is a non-profit organization which aims at helping the Indian citizens living in China. It intends to make it easier for the Indian expatriates in China when it comes to their daily life and other time to time needs. It would bring all Indians in China together at a single platform to share ideas, best practices, support each other and share their pleasant experiences in this beautiful country which is full of opportunities and greets everyone with open hands.

Jiangmen is the pinyin romanization of the Chinese name 江門 or 江门, based on its pronunciation in the Mandarin dialect. Its former Wade-Giles spelling was Chiang-men. The Postal Map spelling “Kongmoon” was based upon the same name’s Cantonese  pronunciation  Gong-mun.
Other forms of the name includeKong Moon, Kongmun, and Kiangmoon. The name is often the butt of local jokes, since both Jiangmen and 肛門 or 肛门 (gāngmén, “anus“) are pronounced identically in Cantonese. This has led to proposals to change the name of the city, such as a 2009 campaign to rename it Qiáodū (t s ), “Capital of the Overseas Chinese“, in honor of the region’s contributions to the Chinese diaspora.